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Step Interiors provides a full and comprehensive range of services from design to execution and project delivery. Distinguished designs, optimum quality, tremendous achievements and affordable cost are our unique steps. Step is specialized in residential and commercial projects such as villas, palaces, hotels, conference centers, furnished apartments, offices, flats ,building entrances, common areas and shops.

Step Interiors was established in Dubai in 2004 to provide services in all phases of the interior design process. Step’s team invests its concrete experience in the ID field for the past 25 years in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE by forming a company to design and execute the various interior design projects. Exclusive designs with self identity is our criteria. Our interior department consists of highly professional and experienced interior designers and engineers. We aim to present the client a full and comprehensive interior package along with a fully comprehensive and professional presentation as well as a computerized colour perspectives, pictures and samples of all the specified items and materials.


Pre-design review and analysis

Personal interviews are conducted with the client and /or designated associates to familiarize ourselves with the organization, operating philosophy, desired image and growth projection. Preliminary conferences are conducted to determine the scope of work, budget, coordinate general concept, practical considerations, and the time schedules with the client, architects, operator, consultants and any other party involved in the technical assistance team.

Project cost

The projected cost is reviewed during the initial phases and evaluated against the budgets. Concurrent with the conceptual design presentation, a project cost estimate is provided.

Concept & Design Development

Coordinating conferences are held with the client and technical assistance team to develop the design concept. Traffic patterns and space effciency are evaluated along with suitable maintenance standards. Upon client’s approval of the design concept, presentation boards showing furnishing and furniture sketches or photographs, artist impressions as well as floor plans and typical elevations are prepared for review and approval.

Space planning

A preliminary space plan is developed to incorporate all current, immediate and future needs and requirements. A project schedule is developed and agreed upon during this phase.


Itemized specifications are provided for any required furnishing,finishes, furniture, window treatment, accessories, lighting fixtures, hardware, and electrical equipment. Each item is detailed and identfied by manufacturers. Finishes and quantity schedule as well as a specfication book are compiled to illustrate Furniture, Fixture and Equipments ( FF&E ). Maintenance and operating manuals are also prepared.


After the offer acceptance our skilled and professional team will ensure the perfection of the execution stage at the optimum level to hit our target which is the client’s full satisfaction.


Showcase of our work since 2004.


Our Team

We are a multi-discipline interior design studio with an extensive network of the finest talent, allowing us to build the perfect team to respond to your brief.

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